Jon, once again you are SO RIGHT! I was actually ashamed and embarrassed as soon as I posted this comment (and now, even moreso). I can tell that you’re in tune with the spirit because how else could you have READ MY MIND? You’re definitely GA material.

I guess us LDS folks do feel guilt and embarrassment a-lot (I hear about it all the time at Fast and Testimony meeting). But even though you’re LDS, I say you should NEVER BE EMBARRASSED FOR WRITING THIS ARTICLE! It is too important--I’m sure it’s one of the few articles out there that’s totally unbiased, factual, not misleading and provides tons of info that Trump supporting Members have certainly never heard before!

That’s why I just know this article isn't a device for liberals to share with their Mormon friends to shame them into voting for Biden -- it is DEFINITELY changing minds of Trump supporting Mormons far and wide!

I can tell you’re morally and spiritually superior to me so I will definitely ponder these things and probably meet with my Bishop next week to repent. THANK YOU!!

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